VENUS (Part 1)
By Thomas Printz  (Bridge to Freedom  – Journal Book 1, p 10-11)
“Shining in the celestial sky is Earth’s sister planet, Venus. How often have the eyes of the children of earth looked upward and enjoyed the beauty and brilliance of her presence in the darkness of the night?
Could it be that Venus and all the glorious planets of our system are barren of life and evolution, and that the sole purpose of the galaxies of heaven is to provide Light and pleasure for the small orb of Earth? No, a moment’s thought will dispel this arrogant and thoughtless concept, as we contemplate the fact that Earth is one of the smallest of the planets, and surely her produce and her radiance at present are not of such importance as to balance the infinite gifts and presence of the Sun and stars that swing in silent
splendor through our night. Ah—yes—on Venus there is life and love and evolution of a cosmic purpose far beyond that which we on earth have yet achieved, but toward which the thinkers of the race have pointed us since time began. For she is, even in her physical position in relation to the Sun, a more advanced planet. Her very name on earth has always signified the fullness of love.
Man’s journey through life is the progression of soul, learning through experience, the laws of life and love, the relentless law of cause and its ultimate effect. In this long and self-chosen pilgrimage, he must wear many garments (bodies) and live in many climes. Thus, he gathers into his consciousness by experience the wealth of knowledge which is the germ of Mastery over self and his world. When the lessons of earth are learned, the soul sometimes migrates to another planet to fully round out its nature, even as a student enters a school of higher learning in order to more fully prepare for a vocation. Thus, a
very few of the more fortunate among mankind have been privileged to complete their soul development upon the planet Venus, and on rare occasions, great souls from Venus have entered into the world of men.
Venus has her own evolved beings, who have grown and matured with her as—in time—the earth children will develop with their planet into harmony, self-mastery and peace. These beings on Venus are the older brothers and sisters of the human race.
The life on Venus is under the direction of a great Hierarchy of perfected men and women, called he Lords of the Flame. They are the embodiment of wisdom and of love. There is but one language, one state, one race, one purpose. There is no disease, no crime, no army or navy or any instrument of force, for physical violence and unbalance are unknown. Every citizen of this world estate contributes his talents
freely to the common cause for fifteen short years, between the ages of 20 and 35. Before this time, all are educated by the state according to their particular talents and the interests of the individual citizens.

By Thomas Printz  (Bridge to Freedom – Journal Book 1, p 28)
In our previous article on Venus, some of the conditions under which the inhabitants of our sister planet live were described. In this article, we will deal with old age and disintegration, which are unknown there.
The citizen of Venus, after being educated by the state, is permitted to utilize his talents and gifts during the period of “world benefit” for the good of the entire citizenry. After the years of service, each is allowed to pursue such spiritual and cultural studies as his nature may choose.
Old age and disintegration are unknown, because there is no disharmony. At the time of passing from the screen of form, the individual utilizes the power of the fire element and, with the help of the Lords of the Flame, releases the atoms that made up his physical garments. His soul enters the inner realms for a time, returning again at a self-chosen time and to a self-chosen family, for another embodiment and opportunity to complete the soul-growth required before he is released from the wheel of birth and death and goes forth “to return no more.” The soul on this planet is not bound by karmic restrictions and is capable of exerting complete freedom in choosing the parents of a future birth.
These parents are often informed by the individual prior to his “death,” and, if they acquiesce in his proposed embodiment, the individual may leave in their custody many of the treasures of his current life, his books and research papers. On assuming his “new” personality, he continues in an unbroken chain of consciousness to work out his own soul development, or some great service to his planetary kin.
This, of course, greatly accelerates the individual progress of the soul, as well as the high degree of culture and perfection for the state, for the great minds of one generation are not lost to succeeding generations.
by Thomas Printz (Bridge to Freedom Journal Book 1, p 34)
Great souls from Venus, belonging to the same universe as Earth, have volunteered, from time to time, to forego the glorious happiness of life on their own planet, in order to help the progress of the people of Earth. These souls submit to voluntary exile and take embodiment as children of men and women, who are learning their lessons as members of the human race.
One of the restrictions of earth life at the present time is that the incoming souls must submit to the voluntary loss of “consecutive consciousness,” which is one of the natural faculties of Venusian life. When such a soul incarnates on earth, he becomes oblivious to his past glory, his inner vision is dulled, his mission blurred, and even the fact of his exile is unknown to his conscious life. Although his inner bodies glow with a celestial fire, it is only by flashes of intuition, a sense of “home-sickness”, a “dream,” that he is at all aware of his celestial planetary home.
As he advances, if he is fortunate in parents, surroundings and circumstances, he may awaken sufficiently to perform some service for the human race, to raise the curtain on “possibilities” for a more glorious future for her people.
These people we meet seldom, if ever, in the course of an earthly life and yet—when we have met them, we know instinctively that although they are among us, they are not of us and they stimulate our Heart’s flame to a greater light. They are the forerunners of that which our race may one day be.
The radiation of Venus is a constant outpouring of beauty and love. Her service, through her people, is to help us to change the radiation of earth from a “cry of pain and agony” to a harmonious and peaceful song.
A tremendous service has been rendered the earth by the people of Venus in the coming into our atmosphere of one of their own great rulers and Cosmic Lords, and his lieutenants. He is known by the name of “Sanat” Kumara, the “Great” Kumara.
In our next article we will refer to the sacrifice of this exalted being.
By Thomas Printz (Bridge to Freedom – Journal Book 1, p 49)
The great Lords of Love on Venus, gathered together in holy council, were advised that their sister planet, Earth, (called the Dark Star or the Shadow Planet), could not radiate enough light to assure herself a permanent place in the solar system. As man replaces a blown bulb on the Christmas tree string, so the Cosmic Law must, impersonally, remove from its cosmic chain, those planets or stars that cannot or will not fulfill their individual destiny and contribute, within a certain allotted time allowed for development, a radiation of light, peace and harmony to the universe of which it is a part. When the
planet has exceeded its time allotted for growth and expansion, and it is found to be without a self-generated and self-sustained power of radiation for good, it must be discarded, and its component elements returned to the unformed for re-polarization and re-molding into a more productive form.
Rather than see the Earth dissolved, thus leaving the millions of souls then evolving on the planet without a planetary home upon which to work out their own mastery, the council of Venus volunteered to send some of her people to carry and sustain the light for the earth, until enough of the Earth’s people could be educated in the instruction of the flame and taught how to regulate their own life flame, so that it would emit a steady and constant light. The light so cultivated in the hearts of men would then be “the Light of the world” and the great visitors from Venus, their mission accomplished, could return in love—as in love they came—to their celestial star.
The greatest always being the servant of the lesser, their Cosmic Lord, himself—Sanat Kumara—and three of his children offered to lead the missionary band. The great Kumaras, with thirty loyal volunteers, prepared for their descent into the atmosphere of the planet Earth, knowing full well that they must remain until enough of the children of Earth had awakened to the need of the hour and of the cosmic fiat that the Earth must emit more light. These earth children, then, must enter into the centuries of training,
self-control and discipline required to become Lords of their own heart flame and through that Flame, release the great Kumaras from their service of love and light.
The thirty pupils of the Kumaras thus bade good-bye to their families, their homes, their planet, and stood in the solemn court of the Lords of Karma of Earth. This great council accepted, in gratitude, the entrance of these souls into the wheel of the earth’s evolution. Each was bound to the wheel of embodiment, earth experience, and death for so long as the earth should need their borrowed light, and NONE MIGHT BE RELEASED until the hour came when the earth’s own light was sufficient to pass the Cosmic Law’s demand. Only then could these thirty beings be cut from this wheel and assume their rightful evolution upon their sweet planet of love. Has there ever been such a supreme sacrifice? They volunteered not for one lifetime, one embodiment of suffering, one death, one birth, but for countless, inconceivable millions of rounds.
The first duties of the thirty loving ones was to prepare a place for the coming of their Lord. When each soul was bound around by the “forgetful bonds” of earth’s magnetism and entered into birth, only his burning love remained to light his way. Yet, each was enabled in those early days, before the wearisome journey had dulled the glow of the spiritual fire, to remember his purpose sufficiently, to find his brother pilgrims and unite in the preparation of the home for Sanat Kumara in the atmosphere of earth. This great preparation, taking hundreds of years, is known as the “building of Shamballa” to which
we will refer in our next article.
By Thomas Printz  (Bridge to Freedom – Journal Book 1, p 69)
In Eastern Asia, there stretches a great desert, today, over the land used by the Venusian Brothers as the habitat of their Cosmic Lord. It is now known as the Gobi Desert and was at that time a beautiful inland sea, in the center of which lay a lovely green and shining island, which they called the White Island, and which was to be the site for the building of the ageless Shamballa, “the home of celestial love.”
The thirty volunteers from Venus, who had tied their soul’s light into the wheel of earth’s evolution, began the great task of building on the White Island a temple of light, to be the home of Sanat Kumara and his lieutenants. Laboring for over nine hundred years, passing from the outworn earthly bodies, but to return without the spiritual respite of a heavenly rest, they completed the old domed temples, the perfection of the White City, that was to be the marvel of the earth for centuries to come. How can mere words clothe the constancy of this service in a form that can convey the fidelity of those thirty beings of
Finally, all was in readiness. The hour of earth’s initiation was come. The Karmic Lords had bowed before the august presence of Sanat Kumara and his three lieutenants and awaited, in love, their visitation. Nature and man’s elect were ready. The stars and suns of the system, for a moment, were stilled and the supreme sacrifice, in silence, was effected.
Out from the aura of Venus, the first great rosy glow of the expanding aura of the Kumaras began to suffuse the sky with the glory of a celestial dawn. Then upward soared a great five-pointed star, until it stood suspended above the planet Venus, intensifying the aureole of colors. All the souls on Venus knew that any Cosmic Activity of the great Kumaras was presaged by the presence of the star, which appeared to herald announcements or decrees of the Lords of the Flame, which would affect the progress of the great Venusian state. Every heart on Venus was focused on that star, waiting its message of the hour.
Slowly and majestically, there rose into the rays of the star, four shining golden figures, that stood, for a moment, pouring out their blessing and their heart’s deepest love to the planet of their birth. Little did their children know the deep feeling in the hearts of the Kumaras as they bade their star good-bye— not for a lifetime, but for uncertain centuries, yet unborn from the womb of time. And then there rose a burst of sound, and the people of Venus, for the first time in the history of the planet, saw the star begin to move outward toward the periphery of their sphere. Within it, moving slowly and majestically, were
the figures of the Solar Lords. All fell on their knees and a beautiful hymn of blessing and love rose from the inhabitants of Venus, tinged with the great sadness of parting, enfolding the departing figures in a mantle of most sacred love. Thus, the four Kumaras left the light of Venus for the shadow of the earth’s aura. Of the seven Kumaras, four sacrificed themselves for the sins of the world, and the instruction of
the ignorant, to remain till the end of the present manvantara.
Oh how different the reception was from the parting! The earth was spinning darkly on her bended axis, no hearts were upraised; there was no song of welcome gratitude. Ah! yes, thirty small pinpoints of light, like faint, flickering candles, guided the Cosmic Masters’ descent, and slowly and majestically the great pink aura blanketed the earth. What was the sudden comfort and hope and peace that entered into the hearts of men? What caused the withered flowers to raise their heads, the birds to sing with new
sweetness, the children to laugh again? What was this mysterious, unseen ether that entered into the very atmosphere of earth?
Only thirty waiting spirits knew, as they knelt in reverent love, before the smiling presence of their longed-for Lord. Ah, SANAT KUMARA, Lord of Love. One day shall we return you and your shining band to your own beloved star and, as you go, the shining Light of earth will be a mighty crest that carries you triumphant, leaving us a star of freedom, accepted by the Cosmic Law, as a permanent focus of blessing
in our system—through your love.”