In the Etheric Realm over The British Isles

 by Beloved Victory

Fan the Flame of Hope and God Desire and Constancy, and march forward to complete Victory at the close of this Earth life!

“Friends of Light, come with Me into the Garden of My Heart, and enter the Retreat of Victorious Accomplishment over the British Isles. In an Early Golden Age, before the Earth was visited with cataclysmic action, a replica of the Etheric Temple was on the landed surface, and in the Permanent Golden Age now dawning, this Temple shall again manifest to the physical sight of mankind.

The Temple Itself is circular, at the center wherein burns the Glorious Flames of Victorious Accomplishment (White with a Golden Radiance), and then fans out to three other Temples – creating a design similar to a three-leaf clover. This symbol represents the Trinity, the Three-fold Activity of God – referred to by some as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It was in the location of the early physical Temple that the Beloved Patrick, Who is referred to as the Patron Saint of Ireland, climbed the hill and appealed to Me for assistance, and there He remained until He had passed the rigorous tests which were presented to Him-tempering the steel of His Spirit so that He could continue undaunted in His Service to the Light.

The Inner, or circular Temple, is made of crystalline substance, and the three surrounding Temples are of similar material, but in shades of Pink, Gold and Blue; symbolizing Love, Wisdom and Power. While all Retreats are aligned, one with the other, some have a greater magnetization to a particular activity than others. For instance, SHAMBALLA holds all the Retreats in Her embrace, but those you presently know as The Temple of Liberty (in France), Our Retreat of Victorious Accomplishment, and the Ascension Retreat (at Luxor), have a Mighty line of Force connecting one another.

The Retreat in France, whose activities are under the direction of Lady Rowena, My beautiful Divine Complement, has as Its Symbol the Three-fold Activity, symbolized by some as the fleur-de-lis.

It is to Our Retreat that the chelas, who are consciously preparing for the Ascension in this embodiment are now directed; for when their inner vehicles indicate that they are sufficiently purified, they must here receive severe Initiations (as they do at Luxor) before they can step into the surging Radiation of Victorious Accomplishment and be received at Luxor (and now also Shamballa over Long Island NY) by Mighty Serapis and His Brotherhood of the Ascension Flame, to add to the momentum of that Great Power.

It is hoped that more and more chelas will prepare themselves for this Activity and that is one of the reasons why Our Retreat is brought to your attention.

No lifestream can receive its complete Freedom of Victory in the Light until all of its inner vehicles are purified, thus allowing one to blend with the other.

Those who, through meritorious service on this Earth, are permitted the privilege of the Ascension at the close of this Earth pilgrimage, and do not pass all the tests at the Retreat at Luxor, must complete the process of purification in the Temples so prepared for this purpose in the Etheric Realm.

Contemplate what a magnificent Service you may render to the Spiritual Hierarchy if you decide to engage in this process of purification before you leave the Earthplane, and after you make the transition, are free to render expanded Service to the multitudes-having first cleansed your own lifestream.

This may sound like a large order, beloved Friends of My Heart, but your free-will choice is the deciding factor! Fan the Flame of Hope and God Desire and Constancy, and march forward to complete Victory at the close of this Earth life!

“I AM” a Venusian, and since you have been receiving the Light from Venus, you have become more compatible with My Radiation. Oh, how I shall enjoy welcoming you to Our Retreat – where you have come many times although you were not outwardly aware of this. You have come into the Garden of My Heart, and have accepted Me into yours, and how wonderful it will be to further serve in the Victorious Accomplishment of the Divine Plan for this Blessed Earth and all Her evolutions.

WELCOME, Light Bearers!



“My dear Brothers, and Sisters, yet walking this Earth. I bring you the Love, and the Gratitude, of the Mighty Victory and My humble Self.

“The glorious Focus, over the British Isles is shining like the Light of the Sun and the Mighty Victory, My Beloved, looks so handsome … His Light is so magnificent, and I shall take a moment to tell you that He is wearing a glorious white Ceremonial Garment, girdled in gold, and upon His brow, in shining Light, is a Laurel Wreath of Victory …. glorious Golden Light. As He steps into the Flame, and breathes upon It, He becomes completely absorbed into the Light of Victory that He is scarcely visible even to Our sight. Oh that great Being’s Heart is the Focus of Victory, raising all life into freedom of God Victory!

As the Flame goes forth around the Earth, (during the Transmission Flame Service this Saturday 15/9/2018) It is composed of tiny wreaths of Victory. And, Beloved Victory has asked Me to tell you that your Sponsors will be placing a Wreath of Victory upon your brows. Accept It! The Light of this Crown will become stronger as you give attention to It all during this month.

“Victory in the Light is yours ….. for your acceptance of the Truth which We present! “I AM” your Victorious Accomplishment in the Light! “I AM” the Christ within you, and as you submerge your lower self and bend the knee to that glorious Christ, you shall walk the Earth in Victory’s Robes, bringing the Light to all upon this Sweet Earth.

“Lovely ones, would that I could impress your consciousness with the sacredness, the privilege, of being in the Light, and know that your dedication to that Light is joyous to behold.

I counsel you, each one, to call daily for your Protection so that you will not stumble as you go forward in the Light!

Never rest upon your oars, just keep rowing until you reach the Other Shore! “Beneath the Temple over the British Isles is what one would term a replica of the Focus Itself ….. It is a simple duplication, to a degree, of the Focus of Victorious Accomplishment. With certain variations in design, it does resemble the Etheric Focus. There are three separate chambers, in the Clover Design, but completely surrounding this gigantic forcefield is the Violet Fire. And as the Sponsors escort you, and mankind who gravitate to this Focus, you will all pass through the Violet Fire, and then your Sponsor will take you to the Assembly Hall which is most compatible to your being. There, under the direction of the Brothers and Sisters of this Retreat, you will be given certain assignments to help your less illumined brothers and sisters.

“And you, as a chela, will of course be permitted to enter the actual Focus Itself, and We are hoping that you will heed the Call of Beloved Victory and say, “having bathed in the Radiation of the Sacred Flame in the Temple Itself, I do volunteer to go into the Forcefield and assist my fellow traveller on the Path of Light’.’ This is indeed a privilege, and you all may avail yourselves of it as you so desire … and in so doing you will expand your Light! “Now, My lovely ones, would that you could hear the Angelic Voices … how glorious They are … I particularly am interested in Music and sometimes I do blend My voice with the Angelic Choirs. Use Music in your homes, in your sanctuaries, and daily step up the Radiation of your beings. Thank you – thank you for the privilege of standing here and telling you I LOVE YOU.

I bless you and “I AM” your Victorious Accomplishment in the Light!”

BELOVED LADY ROWENA (Chohan of the Pink Ray of Divine Love)





Excerpt from Ascended Masters & Their Retreats – compiled by Werner Schroeder AMTF

 On Saint Patrick’s Day (March 17), mankind has the great joy of honoring the birthday of beloved Saint Patrick. (now an Ascended Master) He climbed a hill in Ireland, vowing not to come down from that hill, until he had been granted a dispensation of mercy and light, to benefit the people of Ireland. For many hours, Saint Patrick stood in the rain, persistently calling and commanding
the assistance of the Ascended Host for the peoples’ benefit.

During this particular experience, beloved Saint Patrick was subjected to the initiations of constancy and perseverance. Upon three occasions, beloved Victory told Patrick to return to the valley from whence he had come, content with his own soul’s salvation. However, Saint Patrick refused to do so, continuing his demands that the Godhead give certain spiritual assistance to the people of Ireland. He continued to
storm the gates of heaven, even in the face of the celestial “rebuff” from beloved Victory.
Finally, Victory smilingly told Patrick that he had passed his test of perseverance and constancy of endeavor, and that God’s grant of mercy and spiritual benediction for his people, would be his reward.
Grateful, indeed, are we today, for the strength of this lifestream, who, “kept on keeping on,” until that for which he asked, was at hand!

We can ask him to help each one of us who needs similar strength. Saint Patrick is now an Ascended Master. We can ask him to assist us in manifesting the God-virtues of perseverance and constancy!


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