The Violet Fire Cauldron


Ascended Masters and Their Retreats, p.412-415

 The Cosmic Law has provided a means of relief for each person’s karma, accumulated during the last twelve months of the year, provided such karma was not a result of willful intent. This action is performed in order to allow mankind to be freed from a portion of the errors and mistakes made in the past year, not so much through willful disobedience to the Law, as through lack of discernment, discretion and discrimination. In other words, the mitigation of misqualified energy relates only to those whose causes are motivated with no evil intent. Here, the Violet Fire is allowed to dissolve and transmute the accumulation of discord that has been created during the course of that year (DISCORD WITHOUT VICIOUS INTENT, WITHOUT MALICE) AND THROUGH IGNORANCE.

If it were not for this yearly purification, mankind would, within seven years, destroy their minds, bodies and possible useful service, for that embodiment. THIS TYPE OF KARMA CAN BE AS MUCH AS 50% OF THE TOTAL KARMA ALLOTTED TO HIM DURING THIS EMBODIMENT.

Because of this action of mercy, everyone enters the New Year with much greater freedom from the limitation and bonds of their own creation. This merciful procedure of the Karmic Board, commenced millions of years ago, after the fall of man, accounts for the lightness with which individuals enter the New Year – filled with hope, resolutions and a strongly-embedded desire to improve upon their nature, character and manifest expression.

As you know, it is the custom of mankind to make “New Year’s Resolutions” with a clearly-distinguished goal of bettering their nature. The weight and momentum of their human nature, however, usually makes these resolutions short lived. The Masters are asking that, in the new year, you will be MASTER OF YOUR ENERGY AND WILL NOT ALLOW YOUR THOUGHT AND FEELING CENTERS TO REPRODUCE, IN YOUR WORLD, THE MANIFESTATIONS THAT BROUGHT UNHAPPINESS TO YOU IN THE PAST. However, if people insist upon holding onto the grudges, unpleasant experiences and so-called injustices, they will re-create that karma.

One of the most beautiful activities, connected with the closing of the yearly cycle, is the ceremony whereby the Lords of Karma close the individual Book of Life for every lifestream in embodiment upon the Earth, during the past twelve-month period. This ceremony is of particular interest and benefit to students of the Ascended Masters. It takes place on the last evening of the old year (another dictation says the ceremony begins on December 28) in the Cauldron of Violet Fire, above the Teton Retreat.

For that purpose, at the end of each year, there is created, by the builders of form, what you would describe as a lake, about a thousand feet in diameter, circular in shape and filled with deep, Violet Fire. Into that Lake of Violet Fire the inner bodies of every individual belonging to this planet, step, before the end of the year, and each one is literally baptized, one might say, in its purifying essence.

After the Lords of Karma have measured the Light of the lifestreams, each one is then placed within the ceremonial Fire of purification, which is projected and sustained under the direction of the beloved Master Saint Germain, with the help and sustenance of the Angelic Kingdom.

White-robed figures of the Angels of Mercy, wearing deep bands of purple on the sleeves of their garments, stand all around the edge of this circular sea of Violet Fire. Individuals approach in their inner bodies, most of them in a somnambulant state, completely unconscious of their surroundings, but all drawn here in their etheric bodies, by the magnetizing power of divine love and mercy. As these figures step upon the dock, each of them is approached by two of the angelic figures, who take it by each side, lead it into the Violet Fire and bathe it carefully in the flame, even to the head. This submergence of the entire body is performed very gently, three times. When the individuals are led out, they are given into the charge of the Angels of Protection, who return each individual to his physical body, staying with it, until there comes a certain sense of relief and release from the pressures of the past year. This baptism is not a “one by one” performance. Many souls are submerged at the same time.

When you come to the chelas of the Ascended Host, there is the cooperation of the mental and emotional bodies, and these individuals enter the Sacred Fire with a realization of its power. Students are invited to bathe within this purifying fire, not once, but often. The angelic host will welcome you back as often as you care to come. There is no such thing, in the Ascended Masters’ Realm, as weariness, exhaustion or depletion in service. Every time you come for a blessing, they are more happy than before, so let us utilize the opportunity, and remember that the Violet Fire is made available through the life energy of the beloved Kwan Yin, Saint Germain, beloved Zadkiel and beloved Holy Amethyst. Mankind has no idea of the amount of energy it takes to make a mighty cauldron of flame, a thousand feet in diameter. It takes an almost limitless amount of concentrated power and attention, to keep that Violet Fire at such a vibratory rate that no matter what type of energy is passed into it, it never sinks below its purifying state. One of the great beings is in constant attendance, to render that service and assistance.


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