The Beloved Transmuting Violet Flame

Law of Life, Bk. I; P37

                  The Violet Flame is radiance from the Freedom Flame. It is the consuming, transmuting activity. It has the power to transmute and redeem all that is not perfect. By the use of the Transmuting Violet Flame, forces that are acting to prevent one’s success can be removed. It will dissolve appearances, and the accumulation of the ages. What causes limitation? It is this accumulation around the human form. Tragedies occur because one has not used the Violet Flame earnestly enough. They are caused by past momentum of things in your stream of life.

To use the Transmuting Violet Flame daily is most imperative. As the attention goes to the Presence, more and more of the accumulated misqualified energy of the past will come forth for redemption. Be grateful for its coming forth so it can be redeemed. Then it will not come into action in an unguarded moment and cause distress or an accident. You will feel a lightness – a lack of the former pressure. Do not fear it, but call to the Christ Self to draw it forth into the Transmuting Flame and command it be completely transmuted, cause, core, record, effect and memory.

As you call for the Violet Flame a ray comes from the hands, heart, or head of the Presence or the Christ Self (Higher Mental Body) and as it touches the surface beneath your feet it bursts into a flame. Also there is the potential Violet Flame in the Flame of the heart and in the points of light in every cell, but it is latent. It can however be activated at any time by calling the Presence into action. There are three actions of the Violet Flame: it blazes up, in and around us; it is in the points of light in every cell; and there is the action of the Cosmic Light.

You can repeat the call several times (three or seven) in succession, at least in the beginning, as it helps to anchor and make it real in your consciousness. Meanwhile, picture – (mentally see it), like a soothing flame, violet or purple in color, penetrating your very being and world, right up through your body, going between the cells that make up your body, organs, bones and all. The physical body is not completely solid as it seems. It is a small universe (microcosm) in itself, there being space between the cells.

                  The use of the Violet Flame will not harm anyone but it can and will transmute distress, irritation, anger, lack and limitations, bad habits and disease. It will give you a freedom never experienced before.


You can make the following call, to Beings Who have offered Their assistance since the students were not handling conditions sufficiently:

“Beloved Lord Gautama, Archangel Michael Saint Germain and Ascended Master Jesus, charge into this Violet Flame Your purifying dissolving power of Divine Love, in its most powerful dynamic activity”.

In the use of the Violet Flame there is naturally left in the place of what was transmuted some pure substance, but we need to call forth more of the perfect qualities. Therefore, after using the purifying action it is well to call forth or charge your world with constructive qualities that you require or desire. You can simply say:

“My Magic I AM Presence charge me with perfect health, joy, happiness, illumination, love, wisdom, power, abundant supply, with Ascended Jesus Christ Consciousness”, or whatever you may require.

Use the Transmuting Violet Flame with great intensity. Call for It as if your very life depended upon It. To control the feelings – when you feel anything not of happiness at the solar plexus, feel the Violet Flame flash up quickly and come out at the heart as a golden flame and blaze it through the other person or condition which is the cause of distress. If it is a mental thing that bothers you, blaze it up through the head. Then feel the fullness of the Presence.