NOTE: If you choose, play softly the Blue Danube Strauss Waltz while doing this visualization   – it holds within the melody the keynote of the Violet Fire       

Please sit comfortably, with spines straight, eyes closed or half closed. With your inner eye, see standing in front of you Beloved Saint Germain accompanied by Lord Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst and legions upon legions of Violet Flame Angels. Take a few deep rhythmic breaths…in, hold  – and out, hold  – in, hold –  and out, hold …

We are all standing above the beautiful Manor House in Transylvania – The Retreat of Saint Germain, and the Great Focus of the Flame of Freedom to our Earth.

Saint Germain begins to unfurl a Violet Flame blanket that is able to absorb like a sponge, whatever humanly-created darkness it touches beneath it. As this blanket unfolds around the Earth, we take our places, wherever we are on the Earth, holding the edges of the blanket, with Violet Flame Angels on either side of us, also grasping the folds of the blanket.

Saint Germain explains that the blanket is absorbing all the dark entities and energies moving as clouds, and shadowing parts of the Earth.

He further ignites the blanket’s edges with increased Violet Fire, and the blanket begins to move in GREAT waves up and down, up and down, up and down,  as the darkness is absorbed and transmuted- as far as we can see, chelas and Angels together, joyfully grasping the folds moving up and down, together rhythmically breathing in and out—the Angels begin to sing as is their way to release the joy in their hearts.

We pause for as long as we choose to visualize and focus our attention with deepest concentration upon this purification – seeing and feeling the Great Gift of Mercy, Forgiveness and Purification, as the All-Powerful Sacred Violet Fire enfolds our entire planet – saturating the lower atmosphere of the earth  – every man, woman and child, elemental and trapped angel, receiving a gift of Mercy and Purification.

As the activity begins to fade, the angels sing a little bit softer, the blanket folds in upon itself, and the Violet Fire etherealizes in one last burst of Light.

The Angels now return us from the outer realms back into the entrance hall of the beautiful Retreat House in Transylvania.



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