“We are now entering a new frontier and engaged in the establishment of a Great Spiritual Activity upon the Earth. “



Excerpt from:   “Ascended Master – Love and Truth”   Volume II

By Ascended Master Saint Germain

“We are now entering a new frontier and engaged in the establishment of a Great Spiritual Activity upon the Earth. As always, the pioneers are strong, fearless, faithful, and loving. The loving heart is not fickle and for love’s sake many a mother has died to preserve the life of a child. For love’s sake many an individual has selflessly sacrificed name, position, dignity, fortune, and honor for the good of the whole. I did so by assuming the obligation of the accounts of England, because the monarch had misappropriated the country’s funds, thereby losing even to this day the honor of my name.

So True Love is strong – strong enough to do and strong enough to dare. And the greatest strength of all is to be silent about what has been done. When your Beloved Master Jesus said: “Do not let one hand know what the other did,” He referred to this very thing. Many enjoy service, philanthropy, and activities of sacrifice if they receive public recognition. But True Love serves unseen and unknown. For example, witness the Love of the Spiritual Hierarchy, Beloved Sanat Kumara, Beloved Lord Gautama, and Beloved Lord Maitreya. Who on the Planet, except for a limited number of occult students and chelas, even know Their Name. Beloved Sanat Kumara has made a Sacrifice of Love which no man can describe by Sustaining the Light within the Souls of Mankind. One day, when Freedom’s Star is established Beloved Sanat Kumara’s Name, will be written across the Heavens and in the hearts of Mankind, It is not a matter of who approves of you but what you do with your Light. And the Father Who sees in secret shall openly reward you, in expanded radiation, in greater command of your own world, in freedom from limitation, and in mastery in general.

I come this morning with a heart filled with Love to speak to the Group Leaders and those who one day upon Life’s Path will also have the opportunity to lead. For you form the very Heart and Spirit of the New Age. The onrushing activity of the Seventh Ray can no more be stopped in its activity than a man trying to stop the light of the Sun with an umbrella. He may deflect the light from himself for a time and live in the shade, but the activity cannot be denied. IT IS A COSMIC FIAT! WE ARE IN THE SEVENTH AGE! We are in the culminating radiation where all of the preceding Six Rays are joining together to make the Earth – A FREEDOM STAR! This will be an age when every man is a god, every woman a goddess, and every child an angelic being of light. I have been the humble channel where Perfection has come to the Earth in previous ages and I know it can be done again. Many of you have been with Me through the ages, have known its glory and have had a deep interest in Freedom. An interest not only in personal freedom, but freedom for the race where disease, disintegration, and death itself do not exist. You have proven to the Great Father and Mother of this Galaxy and to the Great Karmic Board that you are interested in the Freedom of every Planet of this System. And through the years of preparation you have been able to Magnetize those Powers and set into motion those Activities which are Planetary in their scope. For this I AM so very grateful!
THE SEVENTH RAY IS THE RAY OF TRANSMUTATION, SUBLIMATION, AND MAGNETIZATION. These Powers must be Consciously Controlled by the Individual who wishes to become a teacher of the masses. The Three Fold Flame in your Heart draws Primal Life to you by Magnetization, and that Light which you Magnetize becomes yours to Qualify and Direct into this Universe for good or evil. You Qualify the Light by thought, feeling, word, and action. That Light sweeps out and returns to Its Creative Center -YOU – for redemption.

In the days of Moses the Mighty Fifth Ray was active upon the Earth and the Law of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth was in effect. Individuals who understood the Law felt the returning karma was their due, and they accepted suffering for themselves and their fellow man. Life after life they passed out without making any endeavor to transmute that karmic energy. In the East the same Law applied but they at least endeavored to stop creating more karma. They felt that even if it took hundreds of lifetimes the karma would eventually expiate and they would be free.
Beloved Ones, the Mercy of the Law of the Seventh Ray must be translated into the consciousness and feelings of the people of the Earth. There must be an understanding that the returning karmic energy does not require passive acceptance under the name of – the Will of God. All karmic discord on the Planet is the result of -the will of man. Mankind in refusing to accept parenthood of the returning karmic energy says it is the Will of God. In the Name of Heaven! Could a God of Love, Mercy, and Beauty create the diseases of mind, feeling, and flesh which reduces the dignity of man to decrepitude and causes him to relinquish Life with a cry of pain? Goodness, No! Man was created to live upon the Earth and contribute those talents dearest to his own Heart Flame. What does a bird do with his life? He sings a magnificent song! What does a flower do with life? It gives beauty in color and perfume. It is man alone who utilizes life to follow the highways and byways of the senses in the pursuit of happiness.
Life you have! Liberty you have! Pursuit of happiness has become distorted. HAPPINESS IS FOUND ALONE IN FULFILLING YOUR OWN GOD PLAN. This may manifest as a statesman, teacher, philanthropist, architect, scientist, missionary, etc. New life comes to you through that stream of energy which sustains you and through the Magnetic Power that beats your heart. Have you ever thought that you do not have to keep re-using the life energy that you pollute? A clean stream of life flows to you daily from the Heart of God and is Magnetized by your Heart Flame. Today, I AM alive with that Pure Life Energy which My Father has given Me. Today, I have the Gift of God’s Pure and Clean Life Energy. For yesterdays life misused will you call on the Law of Forgiveness and accept the Powerful Activity of the Violet Transmuting Flame? Will you daily call for your Tube of Light with its Ring Pass Not of Blue Flame? WILL YOU BECOME TODAY THAT WHICH GOD INTENDS? Can’t you rest in confidence that My Flame and Ray is real? Can you have faith that this gift was only given in the Ascended Master Retreats until now? Can you FEEL the Power of Mercy? Punishment, karmic retribution, judgment halls and, eternal damnation are not the product of God’s Will but the creation of man’s Free Will. When an individual desires to sin no more. When the desires of his senses has gone down the last blind alley. When the Soul kneels before God and asks for the Will of God to be done. Then that individual by Free Will has made the GREAT SURRENDER and the Fires of Purification blaze.
I have taught and written about the Violet Transmuting Flame for the last twenty years. I ask you to accept It this morning as an Activity of Love and Mercy. LET GO! LET GO! LET GO! Surely, you are old Souls and have lived a long time. You carry a great weight of Etheric Memory, but I ask you in Love’s Sweet Name as One Who has used that Flame Myself. Let Go of your mental worries. Let Go off your emotional hurts. Let Go of your etheric bitterness. Let Go of your physical disabilities. Release it into the Power of the Violet Fire and Accept Me as an Individualized Intelligence with Being. IT IS IN THE ACCEPTANCE THAT MIRACLES ARE WROUGHT.

It was the ACCEPTANCE of the Beloved Master Jesus that unified Him with the Father, so that the blind were given sight, the lame were able to walk, the lepers were made whole, and Lazarus was summoned from death to a new life. These are examples of individuals whose FAITH was strong and were able to ACCEPT. Not every person that Beloved Jesus touched was healed. Not every heart that I have spoken to has known Me. Allow Me BEING and Allow Me to Utilize the Sacred Fire. It is merciful if you will Accept It.
Form is a beautiful thing and the day I stand in manifest form acceptance will leap from many hearts. It is true that miracles will be manifest in many places but the form is only the garment of the Immortal Spirit. What can the form do when the Spirit has left the consciousness and the body? Nothing, until you summon back the Spirit that animates the form and the Gifts of Life flow to fill your need. Yet, it is the form that receives the acceptance of Mankind’s consciousness when it should be given to the ESSENCE. The ESSENCE OF THE SPIRIT THAT IS CONSECRATED AND DEDICATED TO FREEDOM. Freedom for a Planet and all her people.

Group activity is so essential in the Powers of Magnetization, because each Heart Flame increases the Power to Magnetize that Essence of Perfection from the God Free Realm. When an individual dedicates, consecrates, and prepares himself through service – then he becomes a CONDUIT for Our Love and Light, and a group widens that Band of Light which benefits Mankind. A large funnel gives greater service than a separate, smaller funnel in every persons home. CONSERVATION OF SPIRITUAL FORCE IS ONE OF THE LAWS OF THE BROTHERHOOD! It is a Vow that We take when We enter and become part of Its Great Court. The vibratory action of the Octaves of Light and the Inner Spheres is filled with Harmony, Beauty, Peace, Faith, Healing, Liberty, Freedom, and every God Virtue you can think of. Why? Because every Divine Being is a Fountain for that Virtue and that Virtue becomes the atmosphere of that Sphere. The more rapid the vibration the higher it rises in the Spheres of Consciousness.
To conduct rapidly vibrating energy into the slow vibratory action of the Earth requires conscious volunteers who act as conduits and conductors. They slowly condense the vibratory action and lower its rate but DON’T CHANGE ITS QUALITY. For example, you can have the Virtue of Freedom vibrating slowly, but in perfect harmony with your government. The Seraphim, Cherubim, Angelic Host, and Their Directors take it upon Themselves to go from Higher Spheres to Lower Spheres until They have accustomed Themselves to its rate of vibration. The God Virtue They are bringing takes on the vibratory action of that Sphere and blesses that Sphere. Then, They descend to the Sphere below and so on, down into the Earth plane. The Magnetic Power of your Group Activity pierces through the astral realm and signifies to the Beloved Planetary Silent Watcher that there is a desire to have a certain God Virtue manifest for the people of Earth. The Divine Beings respond and come to the Earth on the Ray of your Magnetic Energies. They expand your Force Field and energize your songs, visualizations, and decrees – directing them to places of distress. They give Their Gift of Life at these locations – return to the Higher Spheres on the Magnetic Ray of Energy and Ascend into the Heart of the Eternal.
For many ages there were no conscious conductors in the unascended realm. Your monasteries, religious orders, and churches had to serve Our purpose. Through their adoration, rituals, devotions, and prayers they performed a Service of Magnetization – primarily with Archangel Michael, Holy Mother Mary, Beloved Master Jesus, and the various saints.

When I began the task of bringing the Seventh Ray to the consciousness of the people I did not expect the chelas to become transmitters at such an early date. When I realized that group activity and decrees could be rendered I was very astonished, but it has been done. Most of you here are now well qualified to act as the Angelic Host does in the Inner Realms to render this service.

You are the Vanguard of the New Age. The Ceremony, Beauty, and Perfection which is yet to come will delight your hearts. Meanwhile, We are endeavoring to slowly inculcate some of the more subtle, reverent, refined, and beautiful ceremonies which will be the ritual of the future. Beloved Master Hilarion in His Activity of giving you your decrees in song is anticipating that day.

Many individuals are only concerned with the Power Activity of Decrees. However, at the Wesak Festival the most Beautiful Rituals are performed. Beloved Lord Maitreya, Beloved Maha Chohan, and every Member of The Brotherhood gather together and Create a Design for the blessing of the race. THERE IS AN IMPORTANCE IN RITUAL! THERE IS AN IMPORTANCE IN CEREMONY! THERE IS AN IMPORTANCE IN REVERENCE! THERE IS AN IMPORTANCE IN SONG, AS WELL AS DECREES. At the moment I must rely upon the various strengths of the chelas who have taken upon themselves the responsibility and obligation of Freedoms Activity – they must follow the path they know best. But in the interest of all the people, it is required of those who stand in leadership positions to develop a balance. They must have a tolerance, expanded consciousness, and understanding that there are seven types of individuals with which all will deal. If the activity of visualization is too long the audience will fall asleep, because the mental body cannot hold the concentration required. If a decree activity is over zealous, the emotional body will become distressed. You must have a balance of interest in the Masters Work, an interest in the people you serve, discrimination regarding the needs of the people, and a willingness to surrender a portion of what you like best for the sake of the whole. When there is a selfless combination of the Seven Rays you will have -the Strength of Beloved Morya, the Discrimination of Beloved Kuthumi, the Tolerance of Beloved Paul, the Chastity of Beloved Serapis, and the Love of Beloved Jesus. You must have a FIRE within your hearts to make this Planet a Freedom Star – then you shall be Myself in this world of form. For this I plead. For this I pray.
Do you know in My Temple I have one room in which a small figurine of each of you stands before My Altar? Before I enter into the Heart of the Silence I pray for the balancing of your consciousness, so that we may Proceed in Grace. Do you know that I Love you? I LOVE YOU ENOUGH TO SPEAK FREELY! There so much to say and so little time to say it. There are so many differences to resolve, earnest hearts to reach, and brows to kiss.

I Must Expand My Activity! Beloved Ones, you have lived magnificent lives, denied yourselves much, and stood against forces that you would not believe possible were you to look upon them with the Inner Sight. Your Spiritual Consciousness is strong but you are going to have to work with people who do not have your understanding, standard of conduct, and capacity to serve. Nevertheless, these are the billions you must reach.
We are going to have new blood and young blood. When you go Home to whom shall you give your torch? Beloved Ones, think it through. What can you give theyoung? The young are not ready to give away their birthright and pursuit of happiness. Will they spend the fire of their youth elsewhere? Shall we be like the Brahman who consider the masses untouchable?

Twofold is your service – MAGNETIZATION & RADIATION. And the provision of a gentle, constructive, applicable religion interspersed with enough enjoyment that you may save the youth of today which is the hope of tomorrow. Would that the student body be as interested in our youth as the war lords who mark them as fodder for war. Have you marked them for the Legions of Saint Germain? Think upon it. Remember as much or as little of My words as you can accept. When I tap your little heads tomorrow I will know what you have done today. Be happy and be free. Let not our heart to heart talks cause tension, self-condemnation, and feelings of inferiority. It is a True Friend that will point out that which will give you assistance.

All through My writing I have warned Mankind about the lifestream clothed in flattery. If you have done right you need no voice to speak it. Flattery builds up false egos and pride until the individual cannot hear the Voice of Truth. Eventually, they destroy themselves and others. The True Friend is not presumptuous and does not offer counsel unless asked. The True Friend does not cut through the circle of courtesy and remains silent when there is error. The True Friend will not speak unkindly when asked, but firmly in that Truth which he knows.

I AM a believer in Friendship. I think FRIENDSHIP is the Greatest Manifestation of Divine Love in the Universe. I have only come this morning because you have invited Me. I AM Friend enough to say what I see in My heart and to give you those words. Friends of the ages – I Love You.
Thank You and Good Morning, SAINT GERMAIN