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Excerpt from Beloved Ascended Master Bob

“I AM” Discourses Book XII       Page 87 – 94  New York City – May 1938

“I assert to you tonight again, did you see with the All-seeing Eye within you, the Service the Great Divine Director has rendered to your city of New York—never was a greater Miracle performed on the face of this Earth than that, up to this date. Because the need was so great, and because He wished to establish a Mighty Focus of Light as was described to you on Sunday, it had to be done — or your city could not survive.

And great praise, thanks, and gratitude to you blessed earnest, sincere Students in your city and en­vironment, for the wonderful Service rendered! It has seemed to you possibly not so much, but oh, it is so much greater than you can possibly comprehend as yet. So please accept Our Word for it, until you see the fullness of it yourselves. It is great! And could you see the great Intensity of the Work of the Students in the Groups and individually since the last Shrine Class in Los Angeles, you would be amazed. It is increasing so tremendously, and there are scarcely any of the Stu­dents that have not increased the intensity of their own releasing power.

You will remember that there were a great many whose human creation has been wholly and completely dissolved and consumed by the Great Divine Direc­tor; and those individuals —oh, they might not feel any great change outwardly, yet the Power released at their Calls is a hundredfold greater than before that was done.

You see mankind is so impatient to see some great marvelous Manifestation that they sometimes forget that they are looking for the Manifestation instead of the Light. Don’t do that. Don’t worry about the Man­ifestation, Beloved Ones; it will come fast enough and be great enough when you have given sufficient at­tention to your “Presence” and the Light.

Oh, don’t worry about what is going to happen, but just go on in great Adoration and the Call to your “Presence,” and let your “Presence” govern all that. Then one day when you least expect it, some great tremendous thing will rush forward into action. Then you will be satisfied forever.

Do you know—of course you don’t —the Messenger had a letter today. You see I am reading His letters — and this individual said: “Why do I doubt this and that, . . . when I have had Manifestations of the ‘Pres­ence’ enough to satisfy the most skeptical?” Can you imagine —an individual who has had all that proof of the Law of the “Presence”? I am using this as an illustration.

Now this is the point! What is acting in that Blessed One? I went on purpose to investigate, because it was so unusual, and I found that one was scarcely using the Violet Consuming Flame at all. Now Dear Ones, mark what I tell you: when something is continuing to try to intrude, it is through subtle suggestions of feeling, either within yourself or elsewhere. And if you will use the Violet Consuming Flame with sufficient intensity—I mean by that, call the “Presence” to do it, and then you in your intensity of acceptance, feel that charge through your body—you will find those things will cease to be.

That is imperative. Mankind has got to do it if they are going to be free from what are many times just little things, which suddenly intrude and are disturb­ing. Be firm and unyielding, and don’t forget those two things: Refuse acceptance of every discordant limiting thing; and say to those things: “You have no power!” It does not make any difference if you have said it a million times; if you keep it up, one day it will smash down all resistance of destructive forces whether it is your own creation or someone else’s. There is nothing that can stand before that Great Command!

Do you know what that is? I wonder, do you? When you say to the appearance of limitations or disturb­ance, “You have no power,” do you not see it is the Power of Light—your “Presence”—voicing Its Great Command there for you, to keep you free from the effect of those conditions? It matters not whether it is your own creation or somebody else’s; that has noth­ing to do with it. It is a Great Command going forth to silence that thing; and once you understand that, you will only require one Command like that to set yourself Free!

Do you not see, you could not have the Intelligence, you could not have the Power, you could not have the Understanding to issue a Mighty Decree like that, except through the Power of your “Presence.” Don’t you see the human could not do it? Furthermore, when you do say that, it is the Power of your “Presence,” the Power of Light that has issued that Mighty Decree for your Freedom. Try to feel it, Beloved Ones!

I know you feel it. Rex, Pearl, and Nada are here tonight with Me, and I convey to you Their Love and Blessings. Let Us help you into that Victory; We want to so much. And if someday you get just a little bit in the dumps, just send Me your thought and feeling — and if you do not come out of that in a hurry I will be surprised!

Saint Germain very often smiles at Our great En­thusiasm. You know, it is said that youth does not always have discrimination; but thanks to Him We do have It now, and that Enthusiasm shall never cease And when We can project a Light Ray to any one of you precious ones and give you Our Happiness, Enthusiasm, Joy, Strength, and Courage, oh, can you know the Happiness that it gives Us? No words can describe those Mighty Activities.

I have been quite tempted sometimes when individuals feel a little down, to give them a good sound slap on the back; but I know that it might frighten them, rather than give the assistance I am endeavor­ing to give. One time many, many years ago, when this Good Messenger was still eating meat and He had gone to a restaurant and had a nice juicy steak, when He cut off the first bite the clarion Voice —and He thought everybody in the block heard it —said, “This is your last meal of meat!” He thought, well if that is the case, I will go on and finish this. He took a bite; and the longer He chewed it, the larger it got. Finally it got too large to swallow, so that was the end of the steak. Dear Ones, many, many people have wonderful prompt­ings, but they so soon forget them. So watch!

I do not mean that you should jump to every kind of conclusion — not at all; but watch with great calm serenity for these Inner promptings, as they are very apt to come through your feelings gently, but some­times forcefully. Watch for those promptings and call to your “Presence” to prompt you. Your Higher Men­tal Body will do it for It knows the need of your Call.

If you don’t call, you won’t get them, except as the general expansion of your Light finally brings them forth into action. However the result is worth every effort of many lifetimes, Dear Ones, to come into that Freedom.

If you could know how the Messenger feels towards you, Blessed Ones, when He has that great Serenity and Freedom and wants you to have it so much—yet He knows that it must come through your Applica­tion and your acceptance, and He must be patient un­til you see and feel clearly and stand guard, calling forth the Inner promptings to make you alert and aware of all that is required, so that you give that sufficient Obedience to the Light to let this quickly be done.

I rejoice so greatly at the Achievement of this night, and may every one of you join Me in that great rejoicing, gratitude, praise, and thanks to the Great Presence and Power of Light that docs everything so perfectly, so beautifully and eternally; for all Accom­plishment of the Light is a permanently sustained Activity and never has to be redone. Therefore, every step you gain in the release of the Powers of light stands there firm and unyielding until more steps are gained and finally you stand upon the pinnacle of Life, looking back upon all that has been; and then I inning your face to the “Presence,” looking back again say to that creation, “How could it be possible that once thou didst bind me in thy limitations?”

Remember! you are Ambassadors of Light the Powers of the Presence of all Life in action at your point in the Universe. As you call Its great Command­ing Powers forth into action, is there anything that could refuse It, could resist It, or prevent Its Perfection com­ing forth into action and expression? Remember, there is nothing that could do it! Therefore, in the confi­dence of your own Call, feel It deeply. No matter what has been, know from this hour forth you are the Vic­tor of your Call. It is the Light of your “Presence” that answers, and you cannot fail in a single thing.

My Love and the Love of those Great Ones present goes with you, breaking down every barrier that has ever confronted you; and if you will join your love to Ours with a dynamic Power of the Action of Life, then everything discordant shall disappear from your path­way, and you shall walk as in the evening of Happiness, in the morning of Victory, and in the Powers of the Freedom of Light. I thank you.”



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