"If one wants Wisdom, he must turn his attention to the only Source of Wisdom-the 'Mighty I AM Presence.'

Excerpt from

“The Magic Presence”

by Godfre Ray King  page: 348

Saint Germain:  WISDOM

            “This Pure Life Energy flowing ceaselessly into the mind and body of the individual is the Triune Activity of the Supreme acting everywhere throughout Infinity. It is Intelligence, Substance and Energy – the One Universal Light out of which comes all manifestation.

            “It is subject at all times to the conscious direction and use of the individual with Self-conscious, individualized Free Will. The minerals, plants and animals do not have the control of this activity; for only the Flame of the Godhead is endowed with Self-directing Free Will.

            “The more attention one gives the ‘Mighty I AM Presence,’ the more he will learn of the Vast Realms of Wisdom that stretch before him. The more he realizes the immense responsibility and limitless opportunity that are his, the more should he ask the ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ within his own Heart to teach him all things.

            “If one wants Wisdom, he must turn his attention to the only Source of Wisdom-the ‘Mighty I AM Presence.’ Only by acknowledging the ‘I AM,’ can the first impulse be given which releases Its Wisdom into the outer use of the individual. It is by Acknowledgment, that the first wave flows forth to release It into the physical activity. Otherwise It remains forever quiescent within the Consciousness of the ‘I AM.’ The Release of It can come only at the Command of the Self-Directing Will of the Flame of God.

            “Learn to call forth these God Attributes and Activities from the very Heart of the Universe, and then use them in Love to bless all Life. If you will do this, there is no height you cannot attain and no gift you can ask of Life that Life will not release to you-when you understand what part of you says ‘I AM’ and you are willing to use all to bless Life everywhere with Love.

            “Use, use, use, use the Understanding of the ‘I AM Presence’ that you now have, and persist in loving, in blessing Life everywhere; and you will open wide the Floodgates to Freedom-the Realm and Activities of the Limitless-the Natural World and Life of the Ascended Masters. Use the Wisdom you now have, and more will come as surely as your Heart beats and your mind thinks.”