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Excerpt from “The Seven Mighty Elohim speak on the Seven Steps to Precipitation” Presented by Thomas Printz   – page: 100 – 105



“Now as the Beloved Ascended Master El Morya chooses to build a new activity, which will be the heart of a world movement, to make our Earth “Freedom’s Star,” I tell you truly, today, that the greatest Wisdom, the strongest Will, the most powerful Application will not sustain and expand that new activity, unless the feelings of divine LOVE, peace and tranquility ARE HELD UNINTERRUPTED BY THOSE WHO LOVE THESE QUALITIES MORE THAN THEY LOVE HAVING THEIR OWN WAY!


Love as Practical Christianity


This morning I come as a messenger of God to bring to you the activities of Orion (Elohim of LOVE), and to give you some comprehension of LOVE as practical Christianity.  Precious hearts, it is not the law that one should remain in a state of negative harmlessness. That is not LOVE! LOVEis a very positive quality. To fulfill the law, one is required to be positively good. Would it be LOVE for one to stand on a river bank and watch a man drown? No! LOVE would plunge into the stream and bring the man out, while there was yet life in the body.


It was LOVE which took Lord Buddha from the glorious peace, freedom and opulence of his kingdom and made him walk the paths of Earth, trying to find a way to relieve his fellowmen from those distressing appearances of poverty and suffering, which shocked his sensibilities. It was LOVE that kept him rising in consciousness, through sphere after sphere of God-perfection, until he reached the very heart of creation, itself. Then he returned to the limited appearance world and his own physical body, in order to bring, to his fellowman, the truths which he had learned in those great heights.


After one’s consciousness has been enmeshed in the discord and limiting appearances of physical embodiment for so many ages, it takes great LOVE not to succumb to the beautiful peace of the inner spheres, after one has arrived there!  Quite naturally, the tendency then is to just lie down in the first green pasture, saying, “This is it!”


It takes a great deal of divine LOVE to desire to keep rising in consciousness, from realm to realm, pushing ever onward, until one has found the source of all truth, and then rest, even if just for a moment, on the bosom of the eternal Father. What LOVE it takes, to deliberately determine to come back into this world of form, with its forbidding shadows, after having successfully made that journey, and felt the beautiful presence of God, Himself! It was positive LOVE which brought Buddha’s spirit back to Earth, through sphere after sphere of beautiful God-consciousness, back into the hot burning sands of India, to walk again (apparently like any other man), just to carry truth to others.


Love as Action


It was LOVE, precious children of God, which spurred Moses on to draw the reluctant people of Israel away from the flesh-pots of Egypt, in an endeavor to find their “Promised Land.” It was LOVE which made him walk across those deserts and, in the extremity of their need (part the Red Sea), which stood between his people and the protection they desired from Pharaoh’s army, which followed them.  It was LOVE which took Moses up the side of Mt. Sinai, when the clouds of discontent, fear and lethargy of the Israelites had all but put out the fire of his vision. Sometimes, he knew not whether he was still a messenger of God, or whether he had become a victim of fantasy! It was LOVE which held him on the pinnacle of that mountain, while God, in his great mercy, gave Moses the positive affirmations of truth, the Ten Commandments. Here he received them and cut the words, thereof, out of the very rock, itself. These same Ten Commandments have remained, at least as a portion of the law from God to man, ever since that day. However, through the shadowed consciousness of mankind, those Commandments, representing the divine law, have been distorted into the negative form of “Thou Shalt Not.” It was the LOVE of those who stood with Moses, which upheld his arms at the time when, because of the very pull of gravity, he could no longer hold them up, himself, in his endeavors to magnetize the power of the Lord, to give his people victory.


In Galilee, it was LOVE that enabled a young man (with a body of such perfection as has not been known since on the earth-plane and filled with a LOVE of springtime) to willingly lay that body upon a cross, submitting to the crucifixion. It was LOVE which burst the tomb asunder on Resurrection Morning and LOVE, again, which enabled our beloved Jesus to make the visible ascension, in the presence of some five hundred people. It was the LOVE FOR GOD which enabled a man, who had a greater capacity for affection and friendship than any being that mankind had yet known, that enabled him to renounce further association with his beloved mother and his loved ones, to answer the summons of the eternal Father – proving that the conscious ascension was possible for all!


After that ascension had taken place, it was a positive LOVE which carried Mary into Bethany with John, Peter and James and it was LOVE which enabled them to establish, there, the unit which held the spiritual connection with be loved Jesus, through all that long period of thirty years and more, before Mary was called “Home.”


It is LOVE which brings Lord Michael (the Archangel) from his realm of perfection to serve in the psychic plane of Earth twenty hours out of every twenty-four, [Later this was increased to 22 hours out of every 24], as he has been doing for some years now. It is LOVE which brings the assistance


of all the other Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings into the atmosphere of Earth, to answer your calls. LOVE IS POSITIVE, CONCENTRATED ACTION, TO ASSIST MANKIND AT THE MOMENT OF NEED – according to the receiving capacity of the lifestream which makes the call.


It is LOVE which sends certain lifestreams to the leper colony, joyously willing to give whatever assistance they can, to the afflicted there. It is LOVE which makes the men of research work so persistently – often at considerable self-sacrifice – to bring forth those scientific findings which have proven to be of such assistance to the race. It is LOVE, too, which brings the comfort and convenience of your inventions into the use of man in his everyday life.


WITHOUT LOVE, NOTHING IS PERMANENTLY ACCOMPLISHED, without LOVE, the clearest vision remains but a cloudy vapor!




LOVE was signified by Abraham when he willingly laid Isaac upon the altar of sacrifice. That which was dearest to him, he offered to the Lord! LOVEis the pouring forth of the fully-gathered momentum of the good of your own lifestream for the good of all. Let lips be sealed which speak of LOVEif they cannot manifest that LOVE in action – in service – not mere words! It was LOVE which brought me here this morning and LOVE which brought you too, LOVE of God, LOVE of service and LOVE of yourselves. All these entered into it and brought you here.”