“Worship of God is not enough!”



“Not my Will but Thine be done” is not a negative but rather a positive attitude of thought and feeling!

The alignment of the Omnipresent, Omniscient Presence of God through the individual is the practical manifestation of mastery.

It is not enough to accept the Ever-Presence of God. The powers and mastery of God must be magnetized and externalize through the individual.

This was the example I left to humanity. Worship of God is not enough. Becoming the fullness of all that God has designed for every man is the destiny of the individual and the race.

The Gift of Life, Intelligence and Consciousness is for a reason. That reason must be pursued through earnest, individual contemplation.

Then only will man know peace and through experience know the fruits of his contemplation in works well done.”

An excerpt from “I AM” The Way – by Beloved Jesus (Angel Micah) Bridge to Freedom